Candace Bratton

Especialista en Engagement de Docentes

About Candace

Desde hace más una década, Candace se ha enfocado en descubrir dónde se cruzan los medios, la tecnología y el aprendizaje y dónde deberían hacerlo. Su pasión es construir cosas que funcionan y que son divertidas de usar.

Cuando no está buscando formas de hacer que la vida de los profesores sea más fácil o que el aprendizaje sea más divertido, la pueden encontrar haciendo excursionismo, tratando de leer todo lo que se encuentra y comiendo arándanos.


Gaming For a Better Future: Problem Solving Through Games

The Games For Change Student Challenge in  New York City is a competition for middle and high school students to build games that have a social impact. These kinds of competitions are important not only for the products that result and the learning experiences they provide, but also because they empower students. Students know that […]

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Turn the Twitter Chatter into Data

When I was a classroom teacher taking professional development (PD) classes, I remember feeling trapped in a room with my coworkers, listening to yet another lecture on how to teach better using a strategy that didn’t always apply to my classroom (the result of one-size-fits-all PD). While some sessions were helpful and engaging, many weren’t. […]

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