Candace Bratton

Teacher Engagement Associate

About Candace

Candace has spent the last decade figuring out where media, tech, and learning intersect and where they should intersect.  She enjoys nothing more than building something that works and is a delight to use.

When she isn’t finding ways to make teachers’ lives easier or make learning more fun, she can be found hiking, trying to read everything, and eating blueberries.


Gaming For a Better Future: Problem Solving Through Games

The Games For Change Student Challenge in  New York City is a competition for middle and high school students to build games that have a social impact. These kinds of competitions are important not only for the products that result and the learning experiences they provide, but also because they empower students. Students know that […]

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Turn the Twitter Chatter into Data

When I was a classroom teacher taking professional development (PD) classes, I remember feeling trapped in a room with my coworkers, listening to yet another lecture on how to teach better using a strategy that didn’t always apply to my classroom (the result of one-size-fits-all PD). While some sessions were helpful and engaging, many weren’t. […]

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