Cat Robinson

UI/UX Designer

About Cat

Cat is a self-taught Visual Designer and Illustrator from Rhode Island. She moved to DC for a Masters in Art Therapy and after a winding road, fell in love with user interface design. She has lead a wide range of design efforts, from the Federal Government to start ups.

Her favorite part of being a designer is being able to take a back-of-the-napkin idea and bring it to life. She enjoys injecting human elements into her designs such as illustration, and relentlessly advocates for the user.  When Cat isn’t behind a screen you can find her walking her dog named Peaches, playing tennis, or trying out a new recipe.


Don’t just “Make it pretty”

Why User Experience (UX) is so important: “…Fidelity is not about graphic design; it’s about importance…It’s about all the things that make software successful and transformative. By reducing the fidelity of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), you bring a lens of high-fidelity to the only thing that truly matters: user experience.” – Ben Nadel As […]

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Empathy Should be a Presidential Prerequisite

Here at Mobility Labs, we root for the good guys and gals. We aspire to live in a world that offers fair and equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of their skin tone, gender, or choice in Netflix series (among many other things). Usually, when it comes to political stuff we keep to ourselves. What has […]

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