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Dan Jeffers has spent over 15 years in web development, search engine optimization, digital strategy, and social media strategy. He has 7 years experience consulting with federal agencies on web content strategy, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and web analytics.


The Federal Trade Commission Explains How to do Social Media

The story: recently the Federal Trade Commission updated their guidance on using social media as a promotional tool. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses all depend on social media for marketing, and we commonly ask our friends, partners, co-workers, volunteers, and advocates to engage on our behalf. Larger companies often ask their employees to participate […]

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Brand Identity as part of Search Engine Optimization

Conflict Between Branding and SEO Are branding and search engine optimization (SEO) two competing forces fighting over the same territory? Sometimes it seems that way. There are articles that discuss achieving the right balance between SEO and branding, as if these were two competing goals in a zero sum game. It does happen, people worrying […]

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