Elizabeth Navas

Research Associate

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is passionate about science and languages. She received a school degree with an emphasis in pedagogy and now she is completing her studies in the education field as a teacher in training.

She created a project in her educational institution designed to develop communication abilities for kids in first, second and third grade by teaching them English. As the project grew she started coordinating a group of teachers in training to help improve their English skills. Her group is also learning methods for teaching English to elementary school children.

She loves the process of sharing knowledge and teaching, but what she loves most is that the investigation of pedagogical practices allows her and teachers in general to improve strategies and methods in order to transform society from the classroom.


App development benefits people with disabilities in Colombia

Colombia, like most countries, struggles with meeting the needs of the disabled community. There are 2.9 million Colombians with some type of disability. Only 15.5% of disable population are currently in the work force, the ministry of new technologies believes this data indicates that this is a problem which needs to be addressed. Technology, especially […]

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Mobility Labs Visits a Rural School Using Escuela Nueva

The Mobility Labs research team recently visited a rural school in Santa Elena, Colombia using the innovative Escuela Nueva model of teaching. This method has been used in Colombia since the 1970’s and has been getting more international attention including recently being highlighted in this New York Times column. The foundation Escuela Nueva is located in Bogotá […]

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