Hernan Ortiz

Storytelling Coordinator

About Hernan

Hernán Ortiz is a writer, publisher and producer. He has published the books Agua/Cero (an anthology of weird short stories with a soundtrack), Chicas Míticas (an interdisciplinary experimental book) and Memorias del Futuro (a design fiction book). He also runs Encuentro Fractal, an annual community engagement event for imagine the future of emerging technologies using the power of storytelling.

His fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in publications such as The Barcelona Review, Lazy Fascist Review, Rolling Stone, Arcadia and OMNI Reboot.

He has a background in computer science, spends a lot of time imaging nonexisting technologies and lives in the 14th floor of a building in Medellín, Colombia.

Some of his writing can be found here.


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