Jason Black

Software Developer

About Jason

Jason has been fascinated with computers since long before he can remember, and he has always been driven by a thirst to learn more about how things work.  He has been a Linux fan since Red Hat 7.3 (Valhalla), and that’s persisted up through now, as he make use of, and knows both RPM- and Debian-based Linux operating systems.

Jason first cut his teeth programming in PHP, but then quickly moved to Python.  In college, he learned and applied Java, Python, C, C++, and Bash, and those experiences has carried him through to my professional career.

He enjoys both the thrill of learning a new technology, framework, paradigm or approach, as well as teaching others to do the same. Jason is eager to teach and share what he knows, and is more than happy to learn more from others as well.


Open-Source Development: Myths and Reality

  At Mobility Labs, we encourage open-source development for many of our social impact projects and work with open-source tools for the best solutions. As part of this work, we regularly hear why partners are uncomfortable with the idea. We want to dispel some common open-source myths that we’ve heard. Let’s first outline what we […]

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Ruminations of a Modern Polyglot

I’ve had to have a bit of a rethink of the word “polyglot” in my tenure so far at Mobility Labs. The word itself stems from the Greek words polu-, meaning “many”, and -glotta, meaning “tongue”.  In linguistic terms, it refers to someone that is fluent in more than one spoken language.  In my spare […]

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