Joell Shepperson

Product Manager

About Joell

Lover of innovation, seeker of collaboration and budding ice cream maker, Joell is passionate about creating the right solutions to the right problems. Her background is focused on bringing people together with active listening and empathy, agile development and ensuring the needs of the users and stakeholders are clearly represented through all phases of the development lifecycle.

With over six years of Product Management experience, Joell has worked in a wide variety of environments and feels comfortable leading the expansion and implementation of global solutions as well as creating solid market fit for new beta products with local start ups. When she isn’t managing technical projects, she can be found rock climbing, listening to live music and learning to urban farm.


Three Ways to Accomplish More in a Day

Do you open your email to find 100+ unread messages? Do you view your calendar for the day and break out in a cold sweat as you stare down 6 hours of scheduled meetings? Do you see the same inefficient things happening in your organization, but feel powerless to do something about it? Agile Development […]

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