Mandy Moore

Software Developer

About Mandy

Mandy spent most of her career doing business process development and operations planning until she finally gave in to her desire to travel.  After teaching herself WordPress and Search Engine Optimization, she spent 5 years traveling full-time and building WordPress websites and doing SEO for small businesses and non-profits.

Deciding it was time to grow beyond WordPress, she returned to the USA where she attended General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program and learned Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.  Since graduation, she’s been employed by Mobility Labs and is focused on continually improving her skills as a developer.


Do You Need to Localize Your Website?

Proper localization, which is the process of adapting your product to the local marketplace, will impact not only your web traffic, but sales, advertising conversion, mobile downloads and more. As access to the internet spreads, localization of your mobile and online presence and products, whether they be physical, digital, or informational, becomes more and more […]

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