Getting Teachers Excited About Teaching

On the morning of September 23rd, as part of the Mova’s teacher training at the Rodrigo Correa School in Medellín, Colombia, we had the opportunity to share the Medellín Heritage app with a group of 20 teachers. The Mova Móvil, a truck transformed into a moving lab, set the stage of the conversation in which […]

A day in the life of a teacher in Medellín

This profile aims to highlight the work of an outstanding teacher in Colombia. I met Virginia Gómez as part of the Mobility Labs research during a visit to the Marina Orth School, a public school in a rural area of Medellín, supported by the Marina Orth Foundation. Virginia Gómez looks at a TV displaying a […]

App development benefits people with disabilities in Colombia

Colombia, like most countries, struggles with meeting the needs of the disabled community. There are 2.9 million Colombians with some type of disability. Only 15.5% of disable population are currently in the work force, the ministry of new technologies believes this data indicates that this is a problem which needs to be addressed. Technology, especially […]

Mobility Labs Visits a Rural School Using Escuela Nueva

The Mobility Labs research team recently visited a rural school in Santa Elena, Colombia using the innovative Escuela Nueva model of teaching. This method has been used in Colombia since the 1970’s and has been getting more international attention including recently being highlighted in this New York Times column. The foundation Escuela Nueva is located in Bogotá […]