Why Digital Games Are Great for the Classroom

  A couple of years into my teaching career, I worked at a school that wanted to incorporate computer games into their math instruction. While one group of students played the games, the others would receive instruction from me in small groups. Although I frequently incorporated games into my instruction in the past, I was […]

Internet Access and Learning in America’s Rural Schools

The way technology moves forward often leaves little room for those who prefer to wait. The idea that the fastest adopters take greater risks may hold some truth, but it’s also true that the people who are left in the trough behind the wave usually suffer the most. Advances in technology create great new opportunities, […]

Study on Using Games in Classrooms

We have already talked about how teachers are using digital games in classrooms, but we didn’t touch on how prevalent this new trend has become. A new report from the Games and Learning Publishing Counsel takes a look at how kindergarten through eight-grade teachers are actually using games in classrooms. Disclosure, the study was based […]

EdTech Friday: Antioquia Digital

One of the organizations we met at the Education Summit in Colombia is Antioquia Digital, the organization that is working to provide digital tools to teachers and students throughout the large region of Colombia known as Antioquia. The organization has three main projects: Social use of information technology and communications Development of digital educational content […]

EdTech Friday: Using Technology with Special Needs Students

Special needs education is proving to be an area that is a natural fit for technology. One reason is that many special needs students are already using digital technology to help them manage communications, maintain focus, and provide engagement. Assistive technology describes the use of these devices to “increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of […]

EdTech Friday: Gamification

This is part three of our discussion of the interaction of videogames, gaming, and education. Today we look at gamification. Previously, we discussed educational videogames and using videogame design to engage students. Though many writers confuse the concepts, gamification is explicitly defined as using game elements in a NON game context. The word was introduced […]

Letting Students Design Video Games

Ed Tech Friday is a continuing discussion of the issues and concerns surrounding the implementation of technology in schools and classrooms.  While some writers have lumped the incursion of videogames into classrooms into one category, sometimes mis-labelling the whole thing “gamification,” we are taking a look at three separate ways in which the world of […]

Gaming, Game Design, and Gamification in the Classroom

Ed Tech Friday is a continuing discussion of the issues and concerns surrounding the implementation of technology in schools and classrooms.  Gaming, Game Design, and Gamification in the classroom are three different things, we’ll talk about each. This week, gaming. There are three distinct trends happening in education that have “game” in the name, somewhere. […]