Why Digital Games Are Great for the Classroom

  A couple of years into my teaching career, I worked at a school that wanted to incorporate computer games into their math instruction. While one group of students played the games, the others would receive instruction from me in small groups. Although I frequently incorporated games into my instruction in the past, I was […]

Getting Teachers Excited About Teaching

On the morning of September 23rd, as part of the Mova’s teacher training at the Rodrigo Correa School in Medellín, Colombia, we had the opportunity to share the Medellín Heritage app with a group of 20 teachers. The Mova Móvil, a truck transformed into a moving lab, set the stage of the conversation in which […]

Having a Vision for Technology in Education

What is your vision for utilizing technology within your school or classroom? So many times we hear about the newest and greatest thing out there, and as a principal or teacher, we want it in our classrooms without doing the proper research to see if it can be utilized correctly within the confines of those […]

Young Minds Learn Well Through Storytelling

“Fantasy play is a critical skill builder: It helps children better understand the world around them.” — Laura Rubin, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Portsmouth Neuropsychology Center, New Hampshire Once upon a time, there was a kid who hated writing. She’d leave school tests blank because she’d be exhausted after simply writing down her name. Her parents […]

Help Us Present at SXSWedu 2016!

Mobility Labs is excited to announce that we’ll not only be attending SXSWedu, but we’re also sharing the exciting things we’ve been working on. Our team has submitted proposals for five sessions at SXSWedu, but we’ll need your help to make these sessions happen! SXSWedu uses crowdsourcing to choose the sessions they’ll offer, so check […]

Integrating Technology into Professional Development and the Classroom

Over thirty years ago, an open letter to the public, A Nation at Risk, called for the recommendation of teaching computer science in high school, equipping graduates to “understand the computer as an information, computation, and communication device; use the computer in the study of the other basics and for personal and work-related purposes; and […]

Guest Blogger: Marshal Hurst

We are excited to introduce Marshal Hurst as our guest blogger! Marshal is the Literacy Design Collaborative / Math Design Collaborative Coordinator for the Arkansas Department of Education. He is also an educational consultant who provides professional development related to curriculum development, school improvement, and educational technology for schools in Oklahoma and Arkansas. As a […]