A Vision for the Future of the Internet

  As the chair Professor of Pervasive Computing at City University London and founder and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, Dr. Adrian Cheok research is focused on a multi-sensory platform that will enable new ways of communication. He envisions a near future where smell, touch and taste information enrich virtual environments. In the […]

Obama Announces New Student Data Privacy Act

This week, President Obama announced that he would be proposing legislation to increase protections on the data privacy of students. The actual legislation is expected to be submitted by the end of February. There is an abundance of research that shows gathering and analyzing data on student performance can greatly enhance educational outcomes. As students […]

How Parents & Community Groups Use Data

  Meaningful family involvement in schools can make a huge difference for a child’s learning and for driving improvement in the school system as a whole. Extensive research has shown that students with involved parents have higher attendance, social skills, grades, test scores, and graduation rates. We learned a lot more about this topic when […]