Study on Using Games in Classrooms

We have already talked about how teachers are using digital games in classrooms, but we didn’t touch on how prevalent this new trend has become. A new report from the Games and Learning Publishing Counsel takes a look at how kindergarten through eight-grade teachers are actually using games in classrooms. Disclosure, the study was based […]

Mobility Labs Attends Education Summit in Colombia

This past week Mobility Labs attended the first National Education Summit in Medellin, Colombia. The summit, titled “Primera Cumbre Nacional de Educación,” brought together over 11,000 educators, administrators, service providers, and government officials to discuss the future of education in Colombia. Four main topic areas were covered: the importance of policy in education, redefining the […]

This or That?

Education in America seems to be at one of those tearing points in time. A quick look at recent headlines asks how we can choose between option A or option B. Or can we have both? This theme seems to emerging in several different areas. For instance: This article asks: Can Games and Education Play […]

Listening to the User: Teachers Should Lead

[Edit Note: we were contacted by the author of the original article. He points out that the product they provide was developed by a team of teachers. We believe the article itself provides a good starting point for this discussion, however.] Not to pick on this guy, but… This article is titled “10 Ways to […]

Teacher Appreciation Week

Today begins Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States.  Or, as Wikipedia explains, Teacher’s Days. Around the world, Teacher’s Days, Teacher Day, or Teacher Week are celebrated on many different days. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th of May, is Teacher Day, intended to be part of the whole week’s activities. From Wikipedia: The origins of Teacher Day […]