Just in Time Education

The early days of the Internet was full of promise. Disruption seemed possible in almost every industry, and people poured millions into emerging technologies that nobody really understood. Then 2000 came along and the so-called Internet bubble burst all over everyone’s expectations. Some of the ideas that bubbled to the surface then were really good, […]

Are Digital Books Harder to Understand?

I was born into the tribe of people who carried backpacks full of books everywhere we went. We are the ones who are always reading two or three different books, plus we’re usually studying some issue that might require a major reference book. When laptops came along, that only added to the weight we bore […]

Games, Gamification, and the Classroom

Since around 2010 the term gamification has been widely used to describe the trend of incorporating game mechanics and elements in other environments, such as work, health-habits, and education. The idea is that games have created complex incentive structures and rewards that can motivate people to be more productive or effective at tasks they might […]

Online Tools for Education

There are a lot of online tools available to teachers, and we thought we’d begin our series by rounding up a few. We would love to get some feedback from teachers and others on which of these you prefer, and on any major ones we might be missing. Here is our first list: Sketchlot is […]

Technology and Education

The 21st century isn’t shaping up to be a cakewalk. Though it’s unlikely we’ll see the massive brutal wars that defined the first half of the last century, the economic rivalries are increasing—along with challenges to the economy, environment, and the great cultural transformation resulting from the near-universal access to information. One of the best […]