The Winter of Our Retreat

In mid February, our tight-knit team here at Mobility Labs cooked together, glided down a snowy slope, and co-created something out of nothing as part of our third corporate retreat. We also got sore, lost, and sick, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Previously we enjoyed the crystal caribbean water of Cabrera in the Dominican […]

Corporate adventures at the Dominican Republic

Corporate retreats are not common in Colombia. Before I experienced one, I imagined they were all about employees compelled to travel to idyllic locations just to be locked up in dark conference rooms where they had to listen to motivational speakers non-stop, drink unrestrained alcohol (to abide the motivational speakers) and participate in silly trust […]

On Starting My New Job at Mobility Labs

I have been known to paraphrase President Barack Obama’s first inaugural address in remarking that the “patchwork heritage” of my own work history is a strength, not than a weakness. Different company types, different clients, different workflows and organizational structures, different people and software and office architecture. At times it felt less like a patchwork […]

My First Week At Mobility Labs

Last week, I started working at Mobility Labs. My first week was a blur of amazing doughnuts, hugs, discussions about Chaos vs. Order Muppets, and getting up to speed on current projects. Mobility Labs is building all sorts of things that make an impact, including lesson planning tools, apps for young children across the globe, tools […]

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Failure

Start-up culture has captured the word “innovation.” It sits on the mantle with words like “disruption” and “fail forward.” But innovation happens in a lot of other places, and seeing start up culture as the be-all and end all of innovation is stifling. The start up entrepreneur model is that a person, or small group, […]

Paragliding in Antioquia

The Mobility Labs retreat in Medellin, Colombia continued with a trip into the hills around Medellin for some paragliding. We arrived there early in the day and got a chance to watch other people floating gently in the sky. It was a bit of a hike up to the launch point, but it was worth […]

Mobility Labs Retreat in Medellin Colombia, The Tango Tour

Mobility Labs is in the second week of our first team retreat in Medellin, Colombia. Mobility Labs team members from the New York and Washington, DC offices have made the trip along with members who normally work from as far away as Berlin. All these travelers join the team working out of the Medellin office […]