One in Four Americans

Recently the National Science Foundation released a long document reporting the results of a survey of American attitudes towards and knowledge of science. The whole report is called SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING INDICATORS 2014. It includes 600 pages of text and over 900 additional pages of graphs and tables and such. The whole report received some […]

Four Fun Facts About Facebook

Today is Facebook’s 10th Birthday. To celebrate, we are covering some of the more interesting aspects of the now-ubiquitous social network. Teens have NOT abandoned Facebook Some media reports have been reporting that teens are abandoning Facebook “in droves.” There are some studies that suggest this, and the teens give for their waning interest in […]

Estonia as a Template for Government 2.0?

The Federal government interaction with citizens online has taken a couple big hits recently. One was the NSA scandal, which has hopefully led to a discussion of privacy versus Government surveillance. The other was the problematic launch of Addressing the second problem, the Atlantic published an article on Estonia’s more tech-savvy government. According to […]

The Top Four Major Technology Stories, and the Top Four Mobility Labs Stories for 2013

2013 was a big year for Mobility Labs. We grew significantly and took on much bigger and more challenging projects. There were also several major technology stories last year; some of them have permanently changed the technology landscape, others merely predict major changes to come. Here are our picks for the top four Mobility Labs […]

Should You Advertise a Crappy Job?

It’s not secret that some technology people are not treated very well. Clients often expect top quality work at rock-bottom prices, and many companies try to push their teams through crisis after crisis, destroying work/life and providing little reward. Small companies that call themselves “start-ups” often justify this behavior by claiming the workers are building […]