Will the Internet Become a Nicer Place?

Aside from the horrifying depths of 4chan, one of the most toxic places online is actually pretty mainstream: the comments on YouTube. Many social media strategists, who generally advocate open engagement with an audience, will suggest turning comments off when YouTube is discussed. One of the odd consequences is that nobody reads YouTube comments. So […]

Being There: What is the Value of Face Time?

One of the goals of Mobility Labs is to cast off the ropes and chains that hold individuals and businesses to certain locations when they work. But are there limits to this trend? Many workplaces have seen better productivity and innovation when letting employees work remotely. Activities such as education and healthcare have been moving […]

Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity: Series Overview

In this series we’ve looked at privacy, identity, and anonymity from several angles. In Part I, we looked at the sense of creepiness that comes from big entities tracking our actions—even if they are giving us value in return. Part II separates anonymity from privacy, and explains more about what anonymity is and how it […]

People Value Their Privacy Highly: Maybe

Often discussions about online privacy assume that we should all maximize our privacy settings and never give up any information, but for some reason we don’t. If you look up a bunch of articles on the topic, many will have a list of tips that you can use to supposedly keep people from tracking you. […]