Don’t just “Make it pretty”

Why User Experience (UX) is so important: “…Fidelity is not about graphic design; it’s about importance…It’s about all the things that make software successful and transformative. By reducing the fidelity of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), you bring a lens of high-fidelity to the only thing that truly matters: user experience.” – Ben Nadel As […]

Why User Experience Works Better Without User Contempt

The discipline of User Experience consists of focusing on the needs of the user, instead of those of the web designer or website owner. The thing that makes it difficult is that we imagine that we’re already doing that. We believe, as we put together the layout, functionality, and information architecture, that we’ve done so […]

The Light and Dark Side of Usability

A recent article by usability expert Harry Brignull got us thinking about all the ways website owners trick their users. Brignull does not believe people start of thinking “how can I trick people,” but shows how several forces in the marketplace combine in a recipe that produces this behavior. The one that caught our eye […]

User Experience: Giving People What They Want

A few years ago, user interface designers realized they would be a lot better off if they changed the name of their field from UI (user interface) to UX (user experience). The name change worked on a couple levels. Mostly, it communicated that everything that happens on the website, or off of it, is part […]