Don’t just “Make it pretty”

Why User Experience (UX) is so important: “…Fidelity is not about graphic design; it’s about importance…It’s about all the things that make software successful and transformative. By reducing the fidelity of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), you bring a lens of high-fidelity to the only thing that truly matters: user experience.” – Ben Nadel As […]

Ruminations of a Modern Polyglot

I’ve had to have a bit of a rethink of the word “polyglot” in my tenure so far at Mobility Labs. The word itself stems from the Greek words polu-, meaning “many”, and -glotta, meaning “tongue”.  In linguistic terms, it refers to someone that is fluent in more than one spoken language.  In my spare […]

What Do You Need to Win in a 1099 Economy?

Like most development firms, Mobility Labs often hires short-term or part-time developers and designers. Even many of our regular team members contract with us project by project, and do the same kind of work for other clients as well. This is the reality of our modern, fluid world. Many call this the 1099 economy. Interestingly, […]

Sturgeon’s Law and Websites

“ninety percent of everything is crap” –Sturgeon’s Revelation A recent thread on Reddit asked why so many new marketing managers start by redesigning the website. The person asking the question implied that it was mostly a big splash activity that disrupted perfectly functional activities and rarely led to a good result. Considering that the website […]


If you watch closely when you go to today’s Google Doodle (12/9/2013), you’ll notice a moth fly out of the huge computer. This is a reference to what some believe to be the first use of the term “bug” to describe a problem with computer code. The Google Doodle celebrates the 107th birthday of Grace […]

Should You Advertise a Crappy Job?

It’s not secret that some technology people are not treated very well. Clients often expect top quality work at rock-bottom prices, and many companies try to push their teams through crisis after crisis, destroying work/life and providing little reward. Small companies that call themselves “start-ups” often justify this behavior by claiming the workers are building […]