The Light and Dark Side of Usability

A recent article by usability expert Harry Brignull got us thinking about all the ways website owners trick their users. Brignull does not believe people start of thinking “how can I trick people,” but shows how several forces in the marketplace combine in a recipe that produces this behavior. The one that caught our eye […]

Education and the Internet; Massive Online Open Courses

Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOCs, are hitting a pretty major turning point right about now. As we get ready for the next school year, MOOCs are receiving a lot of attention—not all of it good, from educators and innovators looking at how higher education will fare over the next few years. On one hand, […]

Why Collaborative Workspaces Rule

This post on the Clovest website, by Clovest founder Karan Jain, does a great job of expressing why we are so happy to work out of Affinity Lab. He mentions Mobility owner Sean Perkins, along with some of the people who are often part of the Mobility team: It was Sam, offering us help with […]

Do Cheap Websites Really Sink Companies?

You can get yourself into a lot of trouble trying to save money on a website, but it isn’t really the price that causes the problem. Plenty of small businesses have launched themselves and done all they needed to do online with a free or low-cost website. What doesn’t work is trying to pass off […]

Education and the Internet

Mobility Labs focuses on helping organizations meet their goals using digital and online tools and resources. Every industry and sector is experiencing a wave of transition, as existing tasks migrate online and now possibilities open up. Today, we’re looking at one of the areas we have found especially rewarding—education. This introduces an ongoing topic that […]

User Experience: Giving People What They Want

A few years ago, user interface designers realized they would be a lot better off if they changed the name of their field from UI (user interface) to UX (user experience). The name change worked on a couple levels. Mostly, it communicated that everything that happens on the website, or off of it, is part […]

The Continuing Spread of Free Wifi

The ongoing expansion of the Internet to every corner of the globe can be seen in high-end projects such as Google’s Project Loon, that is using high altitude balloons to broadcast Internet cheaply to places it doesn’t currently reach. Though currently experimental, this has the potential to greatly expand the number of people online. Meanwhile, […]

Happy 4th of July from Mobility Labs!

As a veteran-owned business, Mobility-Labs is especially happy to wish all our clients and friends a happy 4th of July! Here’s to all who served and fought to make freedom possible, and to those who still sit on the front lines, enduring hardship and hostility because they feel this country is still worth their sacrifice. […]

Google Reader Shuts Down

Today marks the end of Google Reader, a product that inspired a great deal of affection among its users. The Internet is so over-flowing with “stuff-you-need-to-read” that it’s hard to manage all that opportunity. Google Reader was a way of filtering, tracking, and presenting the most important stuff. Journalists, writers, researchers, and communications people of […]