How we build great websites

Building great websites does not happen overnight or after a single meeting…that doesn’t mean we don’t try to make it seem that way. Successful projects happen because we align purpose, audience, content, and narrative with the resources available. These items should be discovered early and refined through the entire project.

Overview of WiFi Antennas

One of the first methods users employ for more performance is to upgrade antennas. Here is an overview of some of the different types of antennas: The most common is an omni-directional antenna, which comes with just about every WiFi router or Access Point  on the market. The default SoHo Omni-directional antennas transmits a signal […]

Wireless Workshop

Wireless-N is rapidly overtaking G as the the standard for new implementations.  802.11N offers higher speed, better security and longer range.  Tips for a successful wireless-N implementation: Buy the right equipment.  An inexpensive AP from Staples may be fine for home or small office, but for anything over 5 users it is worth purchasing a […]