A Vision for the Future of the Internet

  As the chair Professor of Pervasive Computing at City University London and founder and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, Dr. Adrian Cheok research is focused on a multi-sensory platform that will enable new ways of communication. He envisions a near future where smell, touch and taste information enrich virtual environments. In the […]

The Winter of Our Retreat

In mid February, our tight-knit team here at Mobility Labs cooked together, glided down a snowy slope, and co-created something out of nothing as part of our third corporate retreat. We also got sore, lost, and sick, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Previously we enjoyed the crystal caribbean water of Cabrera in the Dominican […]

Why Digital Games Are Great for the Classroom

  A couple of years into my teaching career, I worked at a school that wanted to incorporate computer games into their math instruction. While one group of students played the games, the others would receive instruction from me in small groups. Although I frequently incorporated games into my instruction in the past, I was […]

Getting Teachers Excited About Teaching

On the morning of September 23rd, as part of the Mova’s teacher training at the Rodrigo Correa School in Medellín, Colombia, we had the opportunity to share the Medellín Heritage app with a group of 20 teachers. The Mova Móvil, a truck transformed into a moving lab, set the stage of the conversation in which […]