The First Question: Will Our Robots Kill Us?

Many of humanity’s creations turn out to be deadly, either intentionally or unintentionally. From fire to railroads, to cigarettes and fast food, people die from the things we make. We should also include cars, guns, and swimming pools. Now we are giving greater autonomy to at least two types of moving devices that we already […]

This or That?

Education in America seems to be at one of those tearing points in time. A quick look at recent headlines asks how we can choose between option A or option B. Or can we have both? This theme seems to emerging in several different areas. For instance: This article asks: Can Games and Education Play […]

Listening to the User: Teachers Should Lead

[Edit Note: we were contacted by the author of the original article. He points out that the product they provide was developed by a team of teachers. We believe the article itself provides a good starting point for this discussion, however.] Not to pick on this guy, but… This article is titled “10 Ways to […]

Teacher Appreciation Week

Today begins Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States.  Or, as Wikipedia explains, Teacher’s Days. Around the world, Teacher’s Days, Teacher Day, or Teacher Week are celebrated on many different days. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th of May, is Teacher Day, intended to be part of the whole week’s activities. From Wikipedia: The origins of Teacher Day […]

Just in Time Education

The early days of the Internet was full of promise. Disruption seemed possible in almost every industry, and people poured millions into emerging technologies that nobody really understood. Then 2000 came along and the so-called Internet bubble burst all over everyone’s expectations. Some of the ideas that bubbled to the surface then were really good, […]

Are Digital Books Harder to Understand?

I was born into the tribe of people who carried backpacks full of books everywhere we went. We are the ones who are always reading two or three different books, plus we’re usually studying some issue that might require a major reference book. When laptops came along, that only added to the weight we bore […]

Revisiting Privacy and Creepiness

Last year we did a series exploring the overlapping issues of privacy, identity, and anonymity. Of course the scope of these issues is huge, far more than we could cover in a few blog posts. Also, the world keeps evolving and testing any norms we have around these issues in new and more challenging ways. […]