Games, Gamification, and the Classroom

Since around 2010 the term gamification has been widely used to describe the trend of incorporating game mechanics and elements in other environments, such as work, health-habits, and education. The idea is that games have created complex incentive structures and rewards that can motivate people to be more productive or effective at tasks they might […]

Online Tools for Education

There are a lot of online tools available to teachers, and we thought we’d begin our series by rounding up a few. We would love to get some feedback from teachers and others on which of these you prefer, and on any major ones we might be missing. Here is our first list: Sketchlot is […]

Technology and Education

The 21st century isn’t shaping up to be a cakewalk. Though it’s unlikely we’ll see the massive brutal wars that defined the first half of the last century, the economic rivalries are increasing—along with challenges to the economy, environment, and the great cultural transformation resulting from the near-universal access to information. One of the best […]

Back-Linking to the Future

Note: This is the final part of a series of posts about the past and future of back-linking.  We can never be sure what changes Google has made or is going to make to their complex algorithm. But there has been a huge wave of anxiety flooding the community of SEO professionals, especially the ones […]

What We Have Here is a Failure to Reciprocate

This is part of an ongoing series on the history and future of link-building. Previous entries can be found here, here, and here. Somewhere around 2006 I started doing most of my internet marketing and search engine optimization work for federal agencies. Because the websites we were working for were .gov sites, this raised a […]

Buying and Selling PageRank

This is part III of a series on the history and future of link-building. Previous parts can be found here and here. Google was the biggest thing in search in the early 2000’s. Many of us who were optimizing for multiple search engines began to focus more and more on this emerging powerhouse. The use […]

Why Back Links? Google, Backrub, and PageRank

Imagine you’re at a large cocktail party. You need to quickly identify those few people important enough to spend your limited time talking to, or about. There are a lot of signals you could use. Perhaps it’s a super-fancy party and people are announced as they come in the door, along with any titles they […]

The History and Future of Link-Building

Recently a dark wave went through the search engine optimization universe. Established practices are being uprooted and the tried and true methods are being questioned–again. This time it’s one of the oldest techniques, the time-tested practice of acquiring high-quality in-bound links. While we don’t believe the threat is serious, at present, we do think this […]

What Do You Need to Win in a 1099 Economy?

Like most development firms, Mobility Labs often hires short-term or part-time developers and designers. Even many of our regular team members contract with us project by project, and do the same kind of work for other clients as well. This is the reality of our modern, fluid world. Many call this the 1099 economy. Interestingly, […]